We connect travelers looking for unique travel experiences to the locals who provide them in real time.

Our Vision.

To be the go-to platform for spontaneous people connecting globally.

How we came up with the idea.

We realized there's a niche of travelers looking for catered, local experiences from local tour guides in real time.

What we accomplished in 72 hours.

Within 1 hour of our launch so far, we got 20+ users to download our Android app. Our Instagram page has 100+ active followers within our demographic, and our post engagement rate is 56%.

The Bus.

  • Detroit
  • St. Louis
  • The Team.

  • Leann Abad
  • Matt Rippin
  • Anas Morsi
  • Our Dream Investor.

  • Joe Gebbia or Brian Chesky

  • About StartupBus

    StartupBus believes that entrepreneurship can't be taught but it can be learned through unique experiences.

    Want to partner with us?

    Email us at directors@startupbus.com.