Every child deserves to be the star of their own story, and through customized characters and books on StoryBook, ink they will be.

Our Vision.

To provide customized children's books to the 28 million children in America. So many children are not being represented in the books they read and therefore cannot truly relate to the stories. We seek to be the largest player in the customized children's book market, and then using economies of scale move into additional markets for customized books.

How we came up with the idea.

My nephews love to be read to, but they don't believe the stories are relevant to them cause its not them in the book. So I started paying $100's of dollars to get etsy books where they are the main characters. It worked and they truly believe it's them in the book and take the messages to heart. This is something that every child in America needs to feel.

What we accomplished in 72 hours.

Fully functioning website and store flow, with the ability to customize a character and place them in a book, and then you can order the book. Partnership meeting Scholastic books scheduled for Thursday. 10k+ Twitter Impressions 150+ Intent to buy 10+ Sales

The Bus.

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